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I am a Covington, Louisiana native that creates cutting boards. I use the profits from the cutting boards to fuel my college carrier at University of Louisiana at Lafayette for Industrial Design.


Out grain boards, length of the grain showing out, is more classic, but works well with linier patterns. 

I put thin strips of wood into a mold and tightened to create S and C boars to curve the grain itself.

Ingrain boards are made by cutting against the wood grain, and this creates great opportunity for pattern and composition.

This is how many of the boards look after they are glued up. The two on the right have been glued up for a second time to create an ingrain design.

This board is the middle one in the previous image, and was just fine sanded, steal wool and oiled in this image. 


No dyes or stains are used. Only wood and FDA approved Boos oil and bees wax is used to finish the cutting boards.


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